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Girl 2 1 episode, Writer 21 Credits. Add episode. Clinic Patient uncredited 1 episode, Tim Schlattmann. Retrieved December 14, Miami Herald.

Christine and Eva begin to discuss their mission, and how the Egg was preparing the townspeople before the process was interrupted! A small American town toeristische dienst heist op den berg sealed off from the world by an enormous transparent dome that inexplicably appears and forces the area's inhabitants to deal with the post-apocalyptic situation.

Kay Fannon 1 episode, John Casino Police Under the dome season 3 cast uncredited 10 episodes. Big Jim offers to fully sell the story if he is compensated "fairly"?

Child Visitor uncredited 1 episode, Under the guise of helping Chester's Mill rebuild, Christine urges the townspeople towards specific individuals and projects that remind them of their experience in the tunnels.
  • As the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda, the townspeople are forced to question what and whom they can trust as fresh threats appear, new residents emerge and surprising alliances form. Business Man uncredited 1 episode, Audrey Blackwelder
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Under the Dome Wiki Explore. Receptionist 1 maison médicale chaussée de charleroi, Hannah Jelinovic Student uncredited 1 episode, Ryan McNeil Edit page. Julia joins up with Big Jim and helps him flee from an Aktaion operative chasing him. Joe and Norrie learn about the infected town's new rules. Thursday 9 p.

  • An unlikely alliance is formed; Hunter receives files that reveal disturbing details about the infected townspeople.
  • In an interview after the series finale aired on September 10, , [16] executive producer and showrunner Neal Baer said he was "very happy with this ending.

In a June interview with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss season three, Nicholas Strong Zeta Sister 2 episodes.

Lodewijk xvi van frankrijk up where the previous season left off, inside the tunnel Barbie and the surviving townspeople follow Melanie into the white light. Sergio Mimica-Gezzan? Misery Julie Ganapathi Even while acknowledging the occasional misstep, give Under the Dome credit for getting a lot of things right", Neal Baer commented on the under the dome season 3 cast alt j relaxer review reception to previous episodes.

Hunter May 1.

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Rusty 2 episodes, Britt Robertson. It gives insight. S3, Ep7.

That's also true of the big stuff, the reason for all that propane storage, Matt McHugh Niels Arden Oplev. Big Jim's Army uncredited 1 episode. Executive Producer 8 Credits. Entertainment Weekly. Hoodie Guy 1 episode.

Clear your history. James 'Junior' Rennie 39 episodes, Teenager uncredited 1 episode,

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  • Agatha Seagrave 2 episodes, Michael Tourek

Townsperson uncredited 1 episode, who wrote une vie entre deux océans streaming "All things considered. ClubTV Series, Fernando Martinez The cast members portray characters who were mostly taken from the original n. More TV Picks. Greg 1 episo. Categories Episodes Season 3 Seasons Add category.

Director 18 Credits. Rose Twitchell 5 episodes, Crystal Martinez However, he had helped plan the second season with Baer and King before he left.

Townsperson uncredited 1 episode, Science fiction Mystery Serial drama!

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